What are the advantages to selecting the correct medical materials for your application?

Choosing the proper materials for medical applications can result in lower production costs, increased quality, and improved performance for devices, equipment, and disposables.

These are just a few of the advantages that medical manufacturers will gain by working with a converter who can help determine the right components for their application. Partnered with world-class suppliers like 3M, Fabrico Medical can ensure that the materials used for medical applications will yield final products that are compliant with all regulations and exceed all expectations.

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  • Christopher Coyne

    Christopher Coyne

    Medical Market Sales & Business Development Manager Fabrico Medical, A Division of EIS To read Christopher's opening, click here
    1. There are a lot of reasons why medical design engineers use the materials and adhesives that they do. Part of what an experienced converter, like Fabrico Medical, can offer is the ability to help design engineers and manufacturing engineers to not only select the right combination of materials for their application, but to also improve the design, making it more cost-effective to produce, and compliant with all governmental regulations. With our partners at 3M, we have extensive experience with adhesives for stick-to-skin applications, where skin-friendliness and pre-determined wear times are key factors. Additionally, design engineers are looking at industrial strength adhesives that replace traditional fasteners and screws for joining components in diagnostic equipment, table top devices, and handheld monitors. No matter what the application is, our team knows which processes are right for the materials and specifications, and have the equipment and facilities to produce your products quickly and cost-effectively.

  • Melissa Abney

    Melissa Abney

    OEM Medical Device Segment Manager 3M To read Melissa's opening, click here
    1. In order to use 3M’s tapes on human skin, we are required to run several biocompatibility tests. There are many factors that need to be considered for good skin adhesion: surface energy, dwell time, skin cleanliness and condition, impact of age, surface oils, roughness, and more. These uncontrolled variables need to be carefully considered, but can be overcome with the correct material selection which takes into account: breathability, conformability, thickness, the contact area, and skin surface conditions that can be modified. Many different tapes for stick-to-skin designs are also used for other purposes, such as to construct surgical drapes, attach fluid collection pouches, and more. Other medical-grade products are used to organize and control tubes and cords from surgical equipment. Selecting the correct tapes and materials for your various applications is crucial when trying to increase quality and improve performance for devices, equipment, and disposables.

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