Pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) offer many advantages for bus bar tapes. Can they really withstand harsh weather?

Advances in pressure-sensitive bus bar tapes not only provide better connectivity and conductivity, they also offer superior durability to withstand temperature extremes without losing their strong bonds. These tapes can replace solder connections for bus bar and offer more cost-effective manufacturing, as well as an effective lifetime to match the 25 year warranties solar customers and  financial institutions are demanding.

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    1. Unlike semiconductor and electronics manufacturing, which solar manufacturing resembles, the materials used in solar manufacturing play a more important role in both cost and performance. Materials can make up anywhere from 30-40% of the total cost and they impact the overall performance of the panel. Choosing the right materials in the design can affect overall power output, longevity, and efficiency. Throughout solar panel manufacturing, selecting the right adhesive is a critical task. Pressure-sensitive adhesive tape, in both acrylic and acrylic foam tape is gaining popularity in solar manufacturing in a number of areas from edge sealing to bus bars. In bus bar applications, PSAs offer flexible formulation, easy automation, instant bonding to most surfaces, minimal waste and clean-up, and can be die-cut and pre-applied.

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    1. PSA's can be formulated for a range of different characteristics, including: Conductivity (electric and thermal); Dielectric; Moisture management (WVTR – Water Vapor Transmission Rate) control; Light management (clarity, diffusion, etc.); Environmental stability (wide temperature range and UV resistance); Curing options can be added (UV, heat, etc.). New formulations for bus bar tapes can include conductive foil with next generation conductive adhesive with improved temperature and humidity performance. Key characteristics for these new PSA formulations should include: Conductivity; X-Y (to move current to the junction box); Z (to move current from the cells); Thermal Stability; Prevent hot spots during service causing reliability issues; Ensure conductivity during a wide range of operating conditions.

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  1. Can pressue sensitive adhesives provide greater durability than traditional soldering?

    by Ryan Jones on October 20, 2011 at: 8:42 pm
  2. How important is bus bar stability after vacuum lamination when considering all the different materials in today’s panel construction?

    How can I increase the stability of the bus bar tape on my panel?

    by Nick on October 14, 2011 at: 10:32 am
  3. Is the emergence of conductive inks seen as a threat to bus bar tapes in the near future?

    by Stan White on October 13, 2011 at: 4:56 pm